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When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

by david daly on 12/18/11

QUESTION:  I'm thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii for my parents who live in Buffalo.  They want to go in January or February if possible but are flexible as to other winter-ish months.  I've never been to Hawaii and thought I should get a professional involved!  -Madeline

RESPONSE:  I just went to Hawaii for the first time in November and fell in love with it!  I only had time to explore Maui and I highly recommend it.  The best beaches and sunniest weather are on the west coast of the island, but there are wonderful treasures to explore all over Hawaii.  Its very easy to rent a car (and a GPS) and explore the island for a day or two to see the Volcano, waterfalls, and unique surfer towns like Paia.

December through February is the rainy season and may not be ideal for reliable beach weather, but there will be great deals available that time of year and it will definitely be preferable weather to Buffalo!  The driest time is in the summer when all of the newlyweds flood the hotels, so many people told me that spring and fall were the best time to visit when crowds are low and weather is still magnificent. 

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