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Copenhagen or Stockholm over Christmas?

by david daly on 11/30/11

QUESTION:   Dave - Have you ever been to Copenhagen or Stockholm? Seriously considering booking a flight over Xmas Break into NYE. Thoughts? Suggestions? Recos? Thanks! Paola

RESPONSE:   Ive been to Copenhagen and its a beautiful city and especially great if you like beer because the Carlsberg brewery is there!  If you want to visit Sweden from Copenhagen you can take a commuter train for about $10 across a massive bridge to Malmo, Sweden and spend the day eating Swedish fish, Daim bars, and smoked salmon.  Its only a 30 minute train ride and very scenic, but bring your passport.  It does get quite cold in those parts in the winter so be prepared so you can wander around outside comfortably. 

I have not yet been to Stockholm but I have never heard any bad things, other than that you can expect all of Scandinavia to be rather expensive.  Both Stockholm and Copenhagen are known for great nightlife- I think they deal with the cold weather by partying a lot.  It is worth checking if either city will have a Christmas market during your visit- the Europeans do Christmas markets unlike anyone else and you can walk around with a beer or mulled wine while eating and shopping in a magical Christmas wonderland- they are not to be missed if you can catch one!


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